The big companies increase profits by 60% with financial income. Boost your product with affordable capital.

Bridge cash flow gaps between your providers, suppliers, and customers.

History is everything

We analyze your customers' historical revenue to identify the ideal product for you.
Limit released per client
The more clients you charge here, the greater your working capital will be.
Progressive limit
The longer the customer's history with us, the greater their working capital will be.
Relationship-Based Analysis
We advance receivables based on your customers' payment history, not just credit scores.

Pay on Time, Build Trust

Whether you're a provider or supplier, ensure timely payments and build strong business relationships. Get priority!
Immediate Funds
Pay your providers even if your customers haven’t paid yet.
Avoid operational chaos
One day of payment can make all the difference. Ensure your deadlines are met and build trust.
Flexible Payments
Be adaptable with deadlines for loyal customers to maintain good relations.

Working capital mathematics

Our platform displays your available capital on the main screen, updated with each registered charge.
Every Customer Counts
Collection histories automatically add up the value of your available working capital.

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Frequently asked questions

Answer your questions about our products and services.
To receive a receivables advance line at a55, it is necessary to follow some requirements. Check them out below: Have an active CNPJ for at least 6 months; It cannot be MEI; You need to have legal accounts with the company's CNPJ; Have credit card sales not in advance; You cannot automatically advance receivables.
The document required to analyze an advance bill is only the invoice in XML! If your invoice is a service invoice issued by the city hall, it is not possible to remove the XML from the Invoice. In this case, you can contact our agents and send your invoice there.
The advance amount takes around 3 days to reach the chosen bank account. Your company will be notified that the money is available in the bank account via email and platform.
After registering and having your account approved, our onboarding team will get in touch to understand your current situation. If necessary, we will carry out a personalized integration to migrate your charges.